Lelo Billy


MATERIALS PC-ABS/body safe silicone
FINISH glossy/pearl
SIZE 174x35x29 mm
WEIGHT 92 grams
BATTERY Li-Ion 450 mAh 3.7V
CHARGING 2h at 4.8V 300mA
USER TIME up to 4 hours
STAND BY up to 90 days
INTERFACE variable interface dial, 5 modes

lelo billy


Lelo Billy. Though it kinda looks like a women’s vibrator, Lelo Billy is definitely a vibrator for MEN. The male body has a hidden erogenous zones which bounty patient exploration. Just use them wisely, often and most especially, with care. Lelo Billy is the most sophisticated gentlemen’s prostate massager. Another Lelo product that comes in an exclusive box together with the charger, user manual, warranty, an elegant pouch and a Lelo lubricant. Lelo Billy was used by men who wants to spice up their sexual pleasure with their lover. Men can also used it all by themselves if they want to do the pleasure alone. If you are a girl, and want to make him cum even more, then you should practice giving him a prostate massage.  

MALE ANATOMY   What is a prostate massage? Prostate massage is the stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation purposes. Prostate Gland is located alongside of the anus. Prostate gland takes the part of the sexual response cycle and is essential for ejaculation. So as you can see the shape of Billy and how it operates was just perfect to fit and stimulate the prostate gland.  

LELO BILLY FEATURES The Lelo Billy’s pleasure point was designed directly touching the prostate gland. You can really feel the fitness of this massager. When you want to turn it on, just hold down the + button. The LED will be turned on as you press the + button as an indication of being active. This button will also allows you to increase the vibration until you reach the peak you want. If you want to turn off your Billy, simply hold down the button. The button also allows you to decrease the vibration intensity. The + and button was pressed for you to lock or unlock your Billy. This button will prevent you from accidental activation of Billy. The up and down button will lead you to the 5 programmed stimulation modes of Billy. This mode has a variety of massaging stokes that may suits your mood upon using Billy each time you wanted. The DC socket is use obviously for charging purpose. I think I’ve gone far explaining the features, and those information will give you a high benefits. So let me introduce you the ways and tips of using this wonderful Lelo Billy. First, you should have a water-based lubricant to lubricate your anus. Gently insert your finger first to help relaxing your sphincter muscles before inserting your Billy. I think it’s better to finger your anus first for you to stimulate and excite your prostate for a bigger one. Once you feel comfortable and relaxed, then start lying on the side with knees pulled up to the stomach (see Figure 3).

POSITIONING I can’t find an exact picture to demonstrate what I want to say, just pull up more your knees to your stomach. That positioning was the stable position for you to feel comfortable while exploring which spot was the best. Relaxing for preparing insertion and right positioning was done, so now you can insert your Billy to your anus carefully. Make sure that it curves up towards your stomach. Never force yourself if you still feel uneasy, or if you are a girl and doing this to your man, don’t force the insertion. ask him if it’s still hurts, so you can give him another relaxing massage using your finger. Just try and try. Once you succeed the insertion stage, you can now turn on the vibration. You can start from low first, so you won’t get shocked because Billy has a strong vibration you couldn’t imagine. If you get into it and wanting more, you can increase the vibration by pressing + button. When you’re on the peak and want more than a vibration speed can give, you can press the arrow up and down buttons for you to activate the 5 modes programmed in Billy. As the different stimulation modes occur, you can feel an unexplainable pleasure. A no-word-can-describe feeling. So when you reached your climax, expect a super heavy cum out. Billy will make you cum more than you can imagine. Your partner or lover will surely want to take more rounds as seeing you that you are more than happy to the satisfaction that Billy can give. The satisfaction and extreme pleasure that Billy can give will last longer if you charge it properly. But before charging Billy, make sure that the DC socket was free from water or lubricant. Gently remove the protective silicone cap on the back of Billy. Insert the DC plug to the DC socket, deep enough to feel a subtle click which means that you reached the peak. Plug it to the wall socket and charge it for at least 2 hours. The LED will blink as it is charging, and when done, the LED will display a steady glow.

CHARGING When you are done using your Billy, just like what am I saying to my other reviews, you should clean it properly. Cleaning was not just for hygienic purpose, it also increases the lifespan of your toy. So cleaning is a must before and after each use! Wash it with a warm water and an antibacterial soap. Just avoid sinking the DC socket or the interface dial part of your Billy because it will cause malfunction and destruction of it. Rinse it with clean and hot water and pat dry with a lint free cloth or towel. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol or acetone. I just want to clear things up, using a prostate massager as a straight men will never make you a bisexual (unless you just realized that you want a dick more than a pussy, LOL). Truth to be told, men who practiced prostate massage reaches the intimate pleasure once they do the deed with their lover. This practice was just like giving an anal to your lady (but this time, you’re the one being bumped anally). So, don’t be scared and never thought that using a prostate massager will lessen your manhood. If you are worried to tell this to your lady, just tell her that you just want to experience the feeling of being massaged inside which is the same thing as giving a hand job.

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