Lelo Gigi

 Lelo Gigi

Lelo Gigi is evidently smaller than other ones yet still provides pleasure and proves that big things come in small packages. Gigi can be any woman’s girlfriend for its femininity in shape and total appearance. Even a princess would love to hold Gigi for its creative magnificence.

I would not wonder if I found that every woman in town has Gigi in their pouches. The existence of Lelo Gigi stamps out the doubt whether the G-spot of women is real or not, because Gigi is powered with the ability to find G-spot and make a woman moan in pleasure. Furthermore, if you think woman cannot ejaculate, maybe I should hand you out this vibrator and prove yourself that what you thought was wrong.

The process of how Lelo prepares their toy for packaging is always impressive, and I cannot resist not putting it in this review. They always put their toys in a box within a box compacted with elegance and sublimity. The outer box is a glossy with a summarized detail of Gigi while another box is a linen-textured one in which the Gigi is situated. It is firmly placed there on one side, and we see a compartment housing the accessories on the other side. The accessories include a lightweight wall charger, a satin storage pouch, the Lelo warranty, and the instructional manual written in different languages.

Lelo Gigi is made of silicone on the insertable part while the handle is made up of hard, non-porous ABS plastic material that phthalate-free. The handle is smooth and small so this might give a hard time for other users due to grip issue and messing the control buttons while Gigi is in use. Lelo Gigi is available in three colors: deep rose, turquoise, and pink.

I always love rechargeable toys because it saves my time and money for batteries that are needed to be replaced when the charge is all used up. Charging is simple, just plug it in the DC port at the lower part of Gigi’s handle until you see the control pad lights up indicating that it is already charging. Let it remain there for two hours, so to give you a full round of three consumable hours of play time or a little more depending on the intensity of the vibration you use. The light will glow red if the toy needs to be charged again.

The dimensions of Gigi are 6.5 inches in length (where the 4.5-inch part of it is insertable), a circumference of 3.5 inches, and a diameter of 1.125 inches in width. This size is not considerably an issue. Even though it is petite it can still hit the right spot as it should be possibly through the flat head and the sexy curve which help in driving a woman to frenzy.

The settings are programmed to help Gigi get its way through you and the control pad is easy to understand and use. It has four arrows namely the up and down (which lets you control the vibration settings), and the plus and minus buttons that is used for choosing the strength of vibration until you get into the intensity you prefer. If you press the plus button the toy will start working. You can cycle the vibration patterns through pressing the up and down buttons, and as said the intensity is controlled by plus and minus, then continually pressing the minus button will make the toy turn off. There are patterns of vibration for Gigi namely the continuous vibration, the extended interval vibration, moderate vibration, short interval vibration, and the wavy pulsation. Lelo built the lock-in feature for Gigi. It is done through pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons at the same time then holding for three to five seconds until the light turns off. It is important to get acquainted with the buttons so you will not get accidentally press the buttons for locking when you are in the middle of the moment.

Gigi keeps itself quiet even she is at her strongest vibration. I would give Gigi 8 out 10 as a rating because, really, what I only hear from her is a slight murmur while she’s vibrating. I tried to turn the Gigi on with the music playing at the background. From there I started to hear nothing from her.

Cleaning is pretty easy for Gigi, only a mild or antibacterial soap and water will do; just secure the charging port and the control pad so water will not get into them. Do not boil the toy for sterilization, but you may use 10% solution of bleach for further cleaning. Silicone-based lubricant is not allowed, because it may ruin the quality of the silicone. There are lubes that are water-based so I advise to use that kind instead.

It is not advisable to use Gigi as an anal toy because it is too small and does not have a flared base to get restricted from going to area it is not intended to be at.

Lelo being a Swedish company promised to offer high-end toys. They are one of the leading companies that steps in to a new movement which combines with the aesthetic and intelligent designs and superior quality that the couple will always rock both of their worlds. Gigi is indeed a product of a beautiful, amazing, and classy sculpture of Lelo which induces sure orgasm. Probably one of the best toys a couple can have, and you and your partner will surely love it.lelo gigi

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