Lelo Isla

Lelo Isla

Lelo Isla.¬†Most women who shop at sex toy store usually look for vibrators, and they are specific about the size. The size we are talking about here refers to the vibrator’s width rather than the length as long as it is insertable of course. If you are desiring for a toy which has the perfect size like your lover’s, maybe you are wishing for something that is virtually impossible. And if you are wishing for the jobs that the real penis cannot do alone, definitely this is the right time that I introduce to you the Lelo Isla.

Lelo Isla is packaged in an glossy rectangular outer box which gives you an overview about the item inside. By opening it we will see another box, the black one that’s textured with the very simple logo of Lelo embossed on top of its cover. As we remove the cover, Isla being revealed is a long curvy toy with a hole at its base. There is also a shiny golden brooch lying just beside it, letting us know that Lelo Isla comes from Insignia line of Lelo. The lid at one side when lifted will hand us out Isla’s lightweight charger, a black storage bag, free 5-ml Lelo personal moisturizer, the user’s manual, and its authenticity card that will last for a year plus its 10-year quality guarantee.

Going back to Isla vibrator, the outer area is a matte finish silicone covering while the inner side is made of hard plastic elegantly plated with golden coat. The inner upper part is where we can find the Lelo logo, and running downwards on its outer side we will see an embossed triple inifinity on the lower part, the Isla’s button interface. The total number of these buttons are three namely: the plus (+) button, minus (-), and the center button that’s marked with (). The Isla is kept locked by the manufacturer so not to accidentally turn itslef on until it arrives on your hands. Unlocking it is being done by pressing the (+) and (-) simultaneously for about five seconds. After doing it, you are ready to go. To start working with Isla, be sure that’s it’s fully charged for two hours so you won’t ruin the capacity of its batteries. We can start then by pressing the (+) for three seconds. Isla will be switched on and immeadiately we will hear its vibration in its moderate intensity. Pressing the (+) again will increase the vibration intensity. Doing so for several times will show us its total number of eight for speed intensity. You can choose to lower it down by pressing the (-) this time and choose on the desired intensity you want to go through with. The purpose of the center is for you to be able to cycle on Isla’s vibrations which has a total of six.

The Lelo Isla may be slimmer of we would take everyone’s standards. But its curves, the girth, and the comfortable design of the grip makes Isla so easy to handle. Isla will surely hit the right spots whether from internal or external, no matter how deep the penetration you would wish. Additionally the power of Isla is incredible that will drive the woman erotically from its whispering up to the rattling buzz. This makes Isla an expert in teasing the woman’s clit and as well as the vaginal area. Lubricant can be used for easier penetration, but since Isla is made of silicone, only water-based lube should be used. It is waterproof so cleaning it with water and an antibacterial soap won’t ruin the toy, that you can even play with it when you are in a water pool or in a shower. Lelo Isla is ergonomic in design as a part of the Lelo Insignia collection. It is much bigger than the other toys from Lelo and has a size of 220 mm in length, 60 mm in width, and 44 mm in height. Despite of its size, Isla actually does not weight much. This 165 gram thing will not tire your wrist if you prefer to use it even for hours. The materials used for the toy are medical-grade silicone as its covering and phthalate-free ABS plastic on its finger grip. Its quietness may not be dependable for me. While it’s still on low intensity I am already hearing the buzz and gets louder as I press the plus button continuously. However, it’s really powerful and I am satisfied about it.

lelo isla

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